Bra-Ha-Ha Fallout at the Grammys

P. Diddy wishes he would have topped Janet, and Christina comes close in today's Foxlight.

Backstage at the Grammys, P. Diddy (search) confessed the Super Bowl could have been a whole lot raunchier. He says if he knew Janet was going to steal all the thunder, he would have "Whipped out something on this world that you would have never forgot." Delightful. And what did he ultimately think about the Super stunt that kept Janet off the Grammys?

"I have three kids, I have three sons. I don't mind, I'm very happy for them. That they were able to see one of Janet Jackson's (search) breasts in their lifetime. I don't think they'll be scarred for life. They are all right. I talked to them about it. They was like 'Daddy, why did it go so quick?'"

The other performance that could have spilled over inappropriately? Cleavage crusading Christina Aguilera (search). Backstage she reassured the nation, "I was good and kept everything in place."

Congratulations. Now can we all please move on?