Teen Rescued Days After Turkey Building Collapse

Rescue teams pulled a 16-year-old boy alive Sunday from the rubble of an apartment building in central Turkey (search) six days after it collapsed, raising hopes more survivors might be found in the rubble.

There are about 40 people believed to be buried in the wreckage of the 11-story building that collapsed Monday in the city of Konya (search), about 160 miles south of Ankara (search).

"I kept hearing the voices of rescuers," the boy, Muhammet Kalem, told the Anatolia news agency. "I tried not to lose hope thinking they would eventually find me."

The rescuers found the boy after seeing a plastic pipe moving in the wreckage, said Omer Cevikbas, the head of a search crew.

"When I looked down from an opening, I saw his eyes," Cevikbas told NTV television. "It was amazing. I can't even say how happy I am."

Crews found three more bodies early Sunday, raising the death toll to 66.

The rescued boy's father, who escaped the building short before it collapsed, told reporters he had already prepared a grave for Kalem.

The boy's mother and brother were still under the rubble.

After Kalem was pulled out alive, rescuers called for silence as they listened for signs of more survivors.

The collapse has been blamed on shoddy construction and a Turkish court on Friday charged two contractors with negligence for ignoring building codes.

Some 140 people lived in the building's 37 apartments, officials said, but it was unclear how many were inside at the time.