The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"Barbershop 2" a cut above, "Miracle" is feel-good fun and don't "Catch That Kid" in today's Foxlight.

The first one was made for about the price of a good haircut and went on to make $75 million, so you can bet your finely coiffed mullet this thing was a lock for a sequel and here it is: "Barbershop 2: Back in Business." (search

The first movie had controversial jokes that rankled Jesse Jackson and Rosa Parks. This time they take shots at the D.C. sniper. Still, it's getting mostly rave reviews and looks like a new franchise for Ice Cube and the gang. says it'll trim about $24 million this weekend.

Want to witness a "Miracle" (search)? USA Today gives the true story two and a half stars, saying a "spirited 'Miracle' shoots and scores" and gives a paunchy Kurt Russell high-sticking praise as the convincing coach that helped a ragtag bunch of semi-pros blow away the ruskies at the 1980 Olympics. I thought the terrific Patricia Clarkson was wasted, but in the end it got me. It's "Hoosiers" on ice. Guru says $15 million.

Kids breaking into a high-tech bank with a safe suspended 100 feet in the air? Based on a true story? Not exactly. Plausibility is just one of the problems facing the young bank robbers in "Catch That Kid." (search) Another big problem? One of their moms is the head of the bank's security. "You are soooo grounded."

The New York Post calls it "Creaky and cheerless -- "Spy Kids" it ain't. Don't catch this kid." They give it just half a star. Guru basically agrees and says it'll only bank $9 million.