Intel Inquiry: Needless, or Necessary?

President Bush will announce this week that he intends to sign an executive order (search) to establish a full-blown investigation of U.S. intelligence failures in Iraq, intelligence-gathering on weapons of mass destruction and counter-proliferation, a senior White House official said Sunday.

The investigation will look at what the United States believed it knew before the war against Saddam Hussein's regime and what has been determined since the invasion. Former chief weapons inspector David Kay has concluded that Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction, a chief rationale for the U.S.-led war.

The probe will have a much broader charge than looking at just Iraq. It will look at how WMD is tracked in rogue regimes like North Korea and among stateless groups -- including Al Qaeda and others, a U.S. official told Fox News.

Intel inquiry: Needless, or necessary?

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An investigation is probably necessary for PR purposes, but could easily and quickly be resolved by focussing on the anti-American, anti-Military, anti-intelligence attitude of a certain political Party since the 70's...

I think all of this needs to be investigated including the role that members of Congress played in gutting the abilities of the CIA and the FBI, it seems they are more than willing to blame everyone but themselves.  There is enough guilt to go around.  The losers are the American people they claim to care so much about.
Judith S.

President Bush owes it to the American public and to the families of the 522 Americans who have been killed in Iraq to allow an independent investigation of the intelligence leading up to going to war with Iraq.
If President Clinton had taken us to war against Iraq or any other country and it was later discovered the intelligence from the CIA was suspect, you can bet your bottom dollar every Republican in Congress would be calling for a full scale investigation. 
Bill C.
Chicago, IL

Necessary, but by KNOWLEDGEABLE people and NOT by a bunch of pontificating senators and congressmen, such as Lott, Kennedy and Rockefeller.
Tenet must go; this guy is probably one of the LEAST qualified DCI's that we have EVER had!
Wayne H.
Coral Springs, FL

I think its unnecessary.  Everyone know there has been a degredation of intellegence over the years. Everyone including Congress, past presedents, and the intellegence teams.
Bill C.
Goldsboro, NC

The United States has had rotten intel for a long time, ever since we started to collect "moral" intel.  Intel is a dirty, nasty "down in the dredge" business and we do not have the guts for it.
Ken K.

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