Taco Bell Coat Girl Now Lovin' It

Holly Cook, the Charlotte, Mich., 17-year-old fired by a local Taco Bell for wearing a jacket on a cold day at the take-out window, has gotten a new job.

"I had a position open and it worked out," Brian Morrison, manager of a McDonald's down the road from the tarnished Taco Bell, told the Lansing State Journal.

Morrison had read the newspaper's account of Cook's travails and called her guidance counselor at Charlotte High School (search).

"I'm pretty happy about it," said Cook, who said she'd received several job offers. "It was a good thing for me."

Cook begins next week and will earn $6.25 per hour, a quarter more than she did at Taco Bell.

A woman who answered the phone at the Taco Bell franchise told the newspaper: "We're not allowed to talk to the State Journal, or anybody else."

Taking the Bus From Now On

A West Seattle, Wash., girl might be wishing her father had waited a few days before giving her a new car.

The 17-year-old's dad gave her a new Ford Explorer (search) to celebrate her upcoming driver's license test, reports KOMO-TV.

Instead of waiting to pass the test, the girl piled her 15-year-old boyfriend into the car, and they took off on a wild joyride down residential streets.

Witnesses estimate she was doing about 80 mph when she crashed — into a Seattle police cruiser.

The Explorer landed on its side in someone's front yard after tearing off the front bumper of the cop car.

No one was seriously injured. The girl will probably be cited for driving without a license.

Bubblin' Over

Black gold. Texas tea. Oil, that is.

It's bubbling up in Longview, Texas — straight into Leila Letourneau's house.

Letourneau told KXAS-TV of Dallas/Ft. Worth that she came home Monday to find an inch of crude had seeped up through her floor.

"I went to both neighbors on either side to see if they were having any problems," Letourneau told the TV station, "[and] across the street to see if anybody else had come home to this type situation, and none of them [had] anything."

City fire officials were looking into the situation. Nearby oil pumps had reported no problems, Letourneau said.

— Thanks to Out There reader Jerrod H.

Royal Edict Displaces Entire Country

OSLO, Norway (AP) — Norway's Crown Prince Haakon caused a stir in his debut as royal host by placing Portugal on the Mediterranean Sea in a speech delivered in honor of that country's visiting president.

In fact, Portugal's entire coastline is on the Atlantic Ocean, and the blunder forced a public apology from the palace on Wednesday.

The 31-year-old prince was filling in for his father, King Harald V, by hosting an official visit Tuesday by Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio. It was the first time Haakon hosted a state visit.

In his speech at a palace banquet for the president, Haakon said, "Norway and Portugal lie at opposite ends of Europe. You are placed on the Mediterranean's warm beaches. We are as far north as it is possible to be."

Palace spokesman Sven G. Gjeruldsen apologized for the error. He told the Norwegian news agency NTB that the prince had meant to say that Portugal was far to the south, near the entrance to the Mediterranean. He refused to say whether the prince apologized to Sampaio or who had written the speech.

The text of the prince's speech, including the error, was still posted in Norwegian on the palace Internet site in the late afternoon Wednesday.

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Love Heals All Wounds

ST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) — Laura Moody got something black and blue for her wedding, but unfortunately it was her groom.

With swollen and blackened eyes and morphine shooting through his veins to dull the pain from spleen surgery and broken ribs, Chris Pitchford struggled Monday to say his vows through a feeding tube that had been placed down his throat.

Both he and Moody, 18, had vowed the wedding would go on, less than 48 hours after Pitchford, 23, said he was beaten during an altercation with strangers outside a Nevada casino during his bachelor party.

"Today is our day," Pitchford said after the wedding, holding his bride's hand. "I wouldn't let anything get in the way."

The wedding was originally planned for Monday afternoon at a relative's home, but his condition prevented him from leaving the hospital. So, instead, Pitchford was wheeled into the hospital's 12-seat chapel for the makeshift ceremony while friends and family spilled out into the hospital's corridor.

The bride smiled brightly throughout the ceremony, even when she tried to push a ring onto the groom's swollen finger. The ring stopped at the knuckle.

The couple's honeymoon destination was changed from Las Vegas to the hospital room at the end of the hallway.

Northern Lights, Slightly Dim

LONDON (AP) — The host of a radio gardening program apologized Tuesday for unwittingly giving a caller advice on how to grow marijuana.

Frieda Morrison, who co-hosts "Beechgrove Potting Shed" on the British Broadcasting Corp.'s Radio Scotland, said she had thought the caller was discussing cabbages.

Morrison and fellow host Jim McColl spent more than three minutes explaining which compost to use and how to water the plant, which the caller referred to as "Northern Lights" — a very strong variety of marijuana that shares a name with a variety of cabbage.

Speaking on BBC Scotland's "Good Morning Scotland" program Tuesday, Morrison apologized for the error.

"We thought the caller had said 'cabbages,' and if you look it up on the Internet, there is a variety called the Northern Lights," she said.

"So this is where the confusion started and all the way through the interview we were talking about cabbages," Morrison added. "It is a very busy program and we made an honest mistake."

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