The Foxlight: Jesse, Jack, Janet

"The Body" vs. the media, Jack gives up little girls and Janet's career malfunction in today's Foxlight.

Jesse "The Body: Ventura (search) says he'll teach Harvard students about third-party politics and "how awful the media can be." Wait, didn't the media help him get elected a few years back? I guess the awful part is the lousy ratings for his MSNBC show. The 52-year-old former governor of Minnesota, political pundit and pro wrestler will lead study groups at the Institute of Politics at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government later this month.

Jack Nicholson (search) says periods of loneliness and yearning for a partner have replaced his hell-raising days as one of Hollywood's most notorious womanizers. "I think it is very unattractive for me to be seen fawning over little, tiny girls," the Oscar-winning actor said. "I didn't feel that for a long time in my life, but now I do." Little, tiny anorexic-looking girls like Lara Flynn Boyle, Jack?

Finally, Janet Jackson (search) not going to the Grammys? That seems ridiculous, but the Foxlight has a better idea. Let her open the show in a burqa. Covered head to toe. And nobody rips anything off her. Just a suggestion.