Topics and Guests for Feb. 3

The government's star witness, brokerage assistant Douglas Faneuil (search), is slated to testify in the Martha Stewart trial on Tuesday.

Will his testimony sink the domestic diva? Lis Wiehl, Fox News legal analyst, weighs in.

With just one day before the first Super Tuesday, the seven remaining Democratic presidential candidates are scrambling to sway undecided voters. Whose strategy will pay off? And how many candidates will be standing come Wednesday? We’ll get insight on two key battleground states from Govs. Bob Holden, D-Mo., and Mark Sanford, R-S.C.

Plus, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Oklahoma: Why do few states play such a mammoth role in choosing the Democrats leader? We’ll ask former Rep. J.C. Watts, R-Okla., and Don Fowler, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Will the deficit be a problem politically and economically? Ben Stein, author of “Yes, You Can Time the Markets!”, and Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard, join us for a fair and balanced debate.

What's really going on in Iraq? Brig. Gen Mark Kimmitt will be our special guest.

Plus, we'll talk earnings and expectations with PanAmSat CEO Joseph Wright Jr.

And, will a poison scare in Washington spook stocks on Wall Street? We’ll get a read on the market's ricin reaction from David and Jonathan Murray, advisers for Legg Mason.

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