Paris Hilton; Five-Minute Delays; Regis and Kelly

Paris' pets, Janet transforms TV and Regis job-hunts for Kathie Lee in today's Foxlight.

Paris Hilton (search) has been named the most eligible woman of the year by FHM magazine. Eligible for what? Parole? In an interview, she gushes about a recent trip to Las Vegas: "I went to this pet store and bought a baby goat, a ferret and this one animal that was like half-monkey, half-raccoon. I tried to take them on the plane, and the flight attendants thought I was insane. They were like, 'This isn't a traveling circus. You're not bringing a goat on the plane.' So I ended up having to drive back to L.A. in a limo all by myself for six hours with the animals."

Apparently she's recreating "The Simple Life" back home.

After the Janet and Justin flap/unflap at the Super Bowl, Regis Philbin (search) wants a five-minute delay on all live programming -- including his own "Live With Regis and Kelly." Eternally chirpy sidekick Kelly agreed -- especially for awards shows like the Oscars. "You don't eat because you're too nervous and the first thing they do is hand you a cocktail. And the next thing you know you're spewing expletives and taking your clothes off."

Finally, like a divorced guy who wants his ex-wife to marry so he can stop paying alimony, Regis thinks his former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford (search) has found her new calling. And it's with another man. Regis told his audience Wednesday that Jimmy Kimmel should hire the original chirpy for his permanent sidekick. Kathie Lee is sitting in this week as the guest co-host. Good to know someone is watching Jimmy Kimmel's show.