Guests and Topics: February 3

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Stay with us for the latest developments from the Democratic trail in the South and West.

• Voters hit the polls in seven states to voice their choice for which Democratic presidential candidate should challenge President Bush in November. Can Sen. John Edwards upset John Kerry's winning streak with a victory in 'his backyard?'

Our friend Sen. Zell Miller , D-Ga., offers insight about the southern fight.

• Another fierce competition is sure to ensue in the Show Me State — Or should we call it the 'Show Down' State? Which candidate appears poised to win in Missouri?

We'll ask Steve Murphy, Dick Gephardt's former campaign manager.

• One-time front-runner Howard Dean looks beyond today's seven states — where he is not running any TV ads and where polls show him badly lagging — to later races to get his campaign back on track. Can the Dean machine regain steam?

Dean supporter Patricia Ireland, adviser to former candidate Carol Moseley Braun (search), answers our questions.

• We'll have analysis, assessment and of course debate with:

Don Fowler, former DNC chair
Bill Bennett, Empower America    

• Testing by the U.S. military confirms that the substance found in the mailroom of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (search) yesterday was ricin. Was this terrorism? A frightening reminder that the war on terrorism is definitely being fought on the homeland?

These questions taking center stage as Democratic White House hopefuls compete for the 269 delegates at stake in Arizona, Delaware, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

Does this beg the question, which Democratic hopeful — if any — has what it takes to keep America protected from the threat of terrorism?

Tony Blankley, of The Washington Times, weighs in.

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