Quick Change

Dear Viewers,

We had a "near miss" Thursday night.

We had been planning for days to do a segment on the Kevin Cooper case. Cooper is facing execution in the state of California on Feb. 10. He is asking Gov. Schwarzenegger to give him clemency. He maintains he is innocent and this is the first clemency the new governor must review.

Cooper has had a DNA test. His blood was tested with blood from the scene of the crime and it "matched." The DNA test did not take place for years until after the 1983 multiple murder and with much resistance from the prosecution. After his DNA was determined to be a "match" to the blood at the scene of this gruesome multiple murder, he claimed that this was a "fixed" test. Cooper claims that someone planted his blood on the evidence. He is adamant he did not participate in the murder and wants the blood allegedly from the scene retested to see if it has EDTA in it -- EDTA is a preservative and the only way it would be present in the blood tested is if someone "planted" his blood on the evidence after the murder and after his arrest.

Actor Danny Glover supports the Cooper clemency petition and agreed to do our show. Just a short time -- two hours? -- before the show, he pulled out of his live appearance on our show claiming a "scheduling conflict." I don't know how a "scheduling conflict" suddenly materialized and why we were not informed earlier in the day. No explanation was given our staff as far as I know. When we showed dismay at the sudden change in plans, he then offered to do a taping at 9:45 p.m. ET that we could roll into our live show at 10 p.m ET. While we were not wild about taping, we agreed. We had planned for this segment.

Glover then told us that he would be on an airplane to Oakland, California and that it was scheduled to land at 9:15 p.m. ET. This meant that he would have to get off the plane in Oakland, walk the terminal, get in a car and drive the distance to San Francisco to be in our bureau at 9:45.

Even if the flight were on time, the chances of this happening and him arriving on time were zero.  Of course he could easily make our live show appearance -- about 10:15pm. Hence, within two hours of the show last night we scrambled to rebook the segment with another topic.

Needless to say, Danny Glover does not have a lot of fans on our staff right now.

Next Tuesday will be -- or should be -- a big day in Democratic politics. There are seven key races we will be watching and reporting about for you. I say it is "big" since it appears to me -- and to just about everyone else, but the candidates themselves - that many of the losers on Tuesday should jump out of the race. Of course the political arena is not so different from the courtroom and we could be surprised by the vote.

Our current plan is to do a two-hour special – 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET -- on Tuesday in New York City. FNC has a special airing at 8 p.m. ET, hosted by Brit Hume who will also be in New York followed by “Hannity & Colmes.”

Our vote counters, etc. are all in New York and thus the reason we all head to New York to cover this big election day. The operation in New York for covering elections is huge -- so I will take my camera to take pictures to give you some idea of what FNC does behind the scenes.

Hours after we shut off the lights at 1 a.m. on “On the Record,” several of us will jump a plane for California. We will be in Los Angeles for two nights, Wednesday and Thursday. And, to test our strength when sleep deprived, we will jump the "red eye" and head back East. Friday night's show will be out of our regular studio in D.C.


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