Liar Liar

Wednesday, the British Broadcasting Corporation (search) was forced to pay up for its blatant anti-Americanism before and during the Iraq war. A frothing at the mouth anti-Americanism that was obsessive, irrational and dishonest.

The BBC -- the “Beeb” -- was one of the worst offenders in the British press because it felt entitled to not only pillory Americans and George W. Bush, but it felt entitled to lie. And when caught lying, it felt entitled to defend its lying reporters and executives.

The incident involved the reporter Andrew Gilligan who made a fool of himself in Baghdad when the American invasion actually arrived in the Iraqi capital. Gilligan, pro-Iraqi and anti-American insisted on the air that the Iraqi army was heroically repulsing an incompetent American military. Video from our own Greg Kelly of the American Army moving through Baghdad at will put the light to that.

After the war, back in London, Gilligan got a guy named David Kelly to tell him a few things about prewar assessments on Iraq's weapons' programs. And Gilligan exaggerated about what Kelly had told him.

Kelly committed suicide over the story and the BBC, far from blaming itself, insisted its reporter had a right to lie, exaggerate, because, well, the BBC knew the war was wrong and anything it could say to underscore that point had to be right.

The British government investigation slammed the BBC Wednesday and a Beeb exec resigned to show they got it.

But they don't.

So the next time you hear the BBC bragging about how much superior the Brits are delivering the news rather than Americans who wear flags in their lapels, remember it was the Beeb caught lying.

That's My Word.

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