Look Who's Talking

Can you picture me leading a charge against fast food restaurants? Probably not. I'd have one hand holding a torch and the other a Big Mac. It just wouldn't work.

That's why I find it odd that some -- not all -- but some liberals have no problem attacking the rich, when they're quite rich themselves.

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (search) says he's fighting for the little guy. Glad to hear it. I just hope he can relate to him. He and his Heinz heiress wife are worth half a billion bucks.

Senator John Edwards (search) says he's looking out for average folks too. It might be tough though, senator. I'd leave out the fact you've made more than 50-million smackers as a trial lawyer.

Both of these guys are considerably richer than the elitist they claim resides in the White House, George Bush.

But I guess it's not what they have, but what they preach. And they all but preach the rich are evil and have to give their due.

For the life of me, I don't know why so many rich guys repudiate their roots. Maybe they feel guilty. Maybe they feel gutsy, showing the world, they'll pay through the nose if it will get them a vote.

Look, there's nothing wrong with being well off, then criticizing those who are well off. But there's a big difference between having 50 million bucks -- or 500 million bucks -- and being more than secure, than having 200,000 bucks and feeling more than a little vulnerable.

I think it's the Kennedy thing. They had so much money. Not only did they feel guilty about "how" much, but they demanded others who didn't have nearly as much to cough up dough to soothe the soul, I guess.

But until I see any of these guys in a McDonald's when they're not campaigning, or downing a bag of Doritos when they're not on the stump, I ain't buying it.

Something tells me none of these guys would know a menu if it didn't have tassels on it.

I'd love to invite them for a big old bowl of chicken wings after the election. But I suspect none of them would show up.

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