Topics and Guests for Tuesday, Jan. 27

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Tuesday, Jan. 27:

Is the New Hampshire primary John Kerry's to lose?
Ed Schultz, host of new show on the Jones Radio Network

Howard Dean is lagging behind Kerry in the New Hampshire polls, but those polls are notorious for being volatile
Steve Grossman, Dean’s campaign chairman

Is electability more important than a candidate's platform?
Dick Bennett, president of the American Research Group

Wesley Clark says he paid his way through college. The only problem is that West Point is free!
C.K. Rairden of the "Washington Dispatch"

Martha Stewart's lawyers say the case against their celebrity client is circumstantial
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

With so much anti-Bush sentiment out there, some promoters, producers and publishers stand to make a nice buck bashing the president
Drake McFeely, chairman of W.W. Norton & Co.

Talk show pioneer Jack Paar died today at the age of 85
Pat Sajak, TV personality

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