The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"The Butterfly Effect" may be walking out of the theater and "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton" wins with critics but will it beat "Polly" in today's Foxlight?

Can Ashton Kutcher act when he's not punking us? It's hard to take this guy seriously, but that's what he wants us to do in the thriller "The Butterfly Effect." (search) The New York Post calls it "Stupor-Natural," and says it's so ridiculous it's unintentionally funnier than some of his recent comedies like "My Boss's Daughter." Ouch. Co-star Amy Smart doesn't live up to her last name in picking this script.

Maybe Kutcher should have starred in "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton." (search) It's a hip take on reality TV with lots of inside jokes. USA Today practically raves that it's "unexpectedly charming. A classic date movie, but it also will appeal to pre-dating tweens and middle-aged romantics. The movie's quirky wit keeps it from crossing the threshold into overly sentimental turf." I'm not sure I fully understand that, but it sounds good.

The big question is whether anything will dethrone the critic-proof "Along Came Polly." (search) I use the term throne because there as so many toilet jokes. But give the people what they want. It could be number one at giving us number-two jokes for the second straight week.