First Lady: Attacks on Husband Hurt

First lady Laura Bush (search) says it bothers her when the Democratic presidential candidates insult her husband, but she plans to stand by her man on the campaign trail — and enjoy it, too.

Asked if she gets upset when she hears the criticism, Mrs. Bush said, "Sure. Absolutely. I mean it's just a fact of life in American politics, and I know that.

"And I've been involved a long time," she told the CBS "Morning Show."

"You know, George and I found it so difficult to hear his father criticized. When you love somebody, it's really difficult to see them characterized in a way that you know they're not. But also, I think, you become a little bit inured to it, but, although — maybe no. Maybe you never really do."

She had just visited election battleground Florida, where she toured the Discovery Middle School in Orlando and talked about reading, her pet issue.

"I know this is our last campaign, whatever happens. And I think there will be a sense of nostalgia with that. There's something really, really wonderful. It's really a huge privilege to be able to campaign in the United States," she said.

She's watching the Democratic race with distant interest: "We're watching to see what they come up with... who the Democrats choose."