David Gest's Naggin' Noggin

Punchin'-drunk Liza Minnelli (search) walloped her hubby so hard, she gave him a concussion — and a medical dictionary's worth of neurological conditions, his lawyer claimed yesterday.

"The diagnosis is traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic headache, intractable migraine headache and post-concussion syndrome from a closed head injury," Gest's lawyer, Raoul Felder (search), told reporters after a fractious legal face-off over Gest's $10 million "domestic violence" lawsuit.

Felder was reading from the report of a doctor treating Gest in Honolulu, where Gest has been holed up since the two split seven months ago.

Gest has been spending much of his time there impersonating a pincushion — getting dozens of injections a day in his head to control the pain, Felder said.

"It's stuff to kill the nerves of his face," Felder explained.

Gest is suing Minnelli twice in Manhattan Supreme Court — for divorce and for allegedly choking, slapping, biting and punching him during booze-fueled rages. Minnelli has publicly laughed off the charges as "rubbish."

Neither Gest, 50, nor Minnelli, 57, were present in court yesterday. But their lawyers picked up any pugilistic slack, sparring in front of Justice Shirley Kornreich over whether the pretrial depositions required of both bride and groom will be videotaped. Felder said he wants Minnelli taped when he grills her.

But Minnelli's not ready for her close-up. "It is putting her in a position of having videotape available that could be given to the press," said her lawyer, Dorothy Weber. The judge has not yet ruled.

Asked about Gest's purported injuries, Westchester-based neurologist Dr. Barry Jordan said this was a new one on him.

"I don't think so," he said when asked if he'd ever encountered a woman's fist causing the kind of injury claimed by Gest. "Actually, I've seen woman boxers before cause concussions, so I take that back."