WB Honchos Not Pleased With 'Gilmore Girls'

Trouble is brewing behind the scenes on "The Gilmore Girls." (search

The bosses of The WB - the network that carries the much talked-about show - went public this week with their displeasure at how the show is going.

Jordan Levin, the network's co-CEO, said the critically acclaimed comedy has been slow to adjust to its major plot turn this season - Rory Gilmore going off to college.

Ratings for the once red-hot series have dropped off sharply this season, the show's fourth.

The problem? Despite going off to Yale, the show still revolves mainly around the releationship between Rory (played by Alexis Bledel) and hip, single mom Lorelai (Lauren Graham), network officials say.

"To live in this TV reality where no one ages, nothing ever changes, nothing ever happens . . . is tougher and tougher to ask an audience, especially younger audiences, to suspend disbelief," Levin told reporters this week.

"They have to buy these characters and view them as real . . . and want to see them fulfill their goals," he said

It is rare for a network to be so openly critical of one of its most important shows.

Still, the show was renewed for next year. If the network is unhappy with the show, the message does not seem to have reached its stars.

Graham defended the show's ever-lasting Rory-and-Lorelai theme.

"The show has always been about the two of us being together," Graham told The Post this week. "This is what people like in the show. It's hard to please everyone and let the characters grow."