Topics and Guests: Jan. 15

Tonight... get on the record with Greta!

Pop superstar Michael Jackson is expected to arraigned tomorrow in California... Is the media circus about to begin all over again? We'll have the latest for you and a preview of what to expect tomorrow.

Our own Fox News Correspondent Trace Gallagher will be live from Santa Maria. Then, veteran reporter Linda Deutsch from the Associated Press will tell us what we can expect from both inside and outside the courtroom.

Plus, as the Demcrats battle it out in Iowa, we'll tell you what happens when the cameras are turned off and the doors are closed. As voters count down to the Iowa caucuses, what's really going on? We'll have the inside story for you.

Also, we'll get a preview of the President's State of the Union Address next week and assess the current state of affairs in Iraq when former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger joins us.

All these stories and much, much more!

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--The Associated Press contributed to this story.