Aniston Plans Two Little Pitts

Jennifer Aniston (search) says she and husband Brad Pitt (search) are ready to have kids — and more than one.

"Definitely love to have two [children] — at least," Aniston tells Diane Sawyer (search) on tonight's "Primetime Thursday."

"I've liked working right now . . . but I also feel that this'll be probably the most important job I'll ever do - having a baby," Aniston says.

"That deserves time like my career deserves time."

Aniston insisted that "Friends" wrap up shooting on its final season by January as a condition for her returning this year.

Though she has never said so, it was widely believed that she wanted the extra time to start a family.

The "Friends" one-hour finale is expected to be taped Jan. 23 in Burbank. It is set to air May 6.

"'Friends' was fantastic," Aniston says. "I bet I'll be able to say it was the time of my life."

Aniston also tells Sawyer that she and Pitt long ago got over jealousy issues that might have arisen with their respective careers.

"We worked on that one . . . we got rid of that one," she says. "Jealousy is healthy to a point, but . . . "