The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Full Frontal," "Bring It On Again," "Johnny English," "Swimming Pool" and "Freddy vs. Jason" are new on DVD in today's Foxlight.

If you love watching stars like Julia Roberts make big fools of themselves, bring home "Full Frontal." (search) This is the mostly improvised Steven Soderbergh sort-of follow-up to the vastly superior "Sex, Lies and Videotape." All that's left here is the videotape. Ecch. Roger Ebert calls it "a film so amateurish that only the professionalism of some of the actors makes it watchable." And that's kind.

Next, I don't know why they would "Bring It On Again," (search) but it's brought. Whether we like it or not. The first one was fun, but it had Foxlight favorite Eliza Dushku. She wisely decided not to cheer this one on. Yahoo users yell "Give it a 'B'!"

I hate to keep quoting Ebert, but he's right about films like "Johnny English" (search) when he chortles, "Can we all pretty much agree that the spy genre has been spoofed to death?" Rowan Atkinson needs to bring back "Black Adder," according to the Foxlight. Otherwise, kids may enjoy this.

Next, rent or buy "Swimming Pool" (search) and then please explain the end to me. Charlotte Rampling is beautiful, but I think she's as confused as I was. I can't get any two critics to agree what the end means. But everybody looks good. Otherwise it's all strictly in the shallow end.

Finally, three words: "Freddy vs. Jason." (search