Topics and Guests, Jan. 9

Today on Special Report ... 

Major Garrett reports: The U.S. lowers the national terror alert level from "high" to "elevated."

Jim Angle reports: Why does the idea of a Man on the Moon have some Democrats drawing fire?

GUEST PREVIEW: Man on the Moon? Sounds exciting in theory ... but are the chances a little 'out of this world?' We'll ask Zero Gravity Corporation Chief Operating Officer Alan Ladwig, former associate administrator for policy and plans at NASA (search).

Carl Cameron reports: Statements from Dean's past come back to haunt him on the campaign trail. Another gaffe for the current Democratic frontrunner? Want to know if Howard Dean still thinks the Iowa caucuses are made up of extremists? Well, Carl Cameron tracked  him down in New Hampshire ... Don't miss this!

Greg Palkot reports: What does life look like through the windshield on a Baghdad bus? Get a full report.

Brian Wilson reports: Leave it to football -- An oldie but goodie returns to the coaching business -- Do the Right and Left actually agree on something?

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