On the Road Again!

Dear Viewers,

"On the Record" is hitting the road again! We are headed to Iowa late next week in anticipation of the "show down" (a/k/a Iowa caucus). Following the Iowa "road trip," we head to New Hampshire to witness that political battle. It may seem a rather simple task to pick up the show and go, but it is a far bigger production than you can imagine. Plus, Fox is doing the "full court press" -- we have many anchors and shows headed to these two destinations because we want to make sure we deliver the best coverage -- and frankly, I hate to be so bold, but, we do! I don't know if you remember the cable news coverage four years ago, but just as we were all leaving Iowa, a terrible snowstorm hit the Midwest. Everyone in the media was stranded. I am hoping for better weather this time around.

I need to "tip my hat" to you viewers in 2003. You really motivated us at "On the Record." Our viewership went up from the year before more than any other news cable show -- we went up 66 percent. Needless to say, that statistic really got everyone on our show very jazzed up. The show is already No. 1 in its news time slot, but we are determined to keep bringing you better and better shows. I hope you check out the photos I put on Gretawire from time to time since you will often see pics of producers who get all the credit for the shows.

Finally, since I promised you "inside information" about the show, I thought I should tell you about one of our last shows of 2003. Some of you viewers thought I was rude to the governor of Nevada when I interviewed him. I intended to interview him about protection of Las Vegas for New Year's Eve. I don't know if I was rude or not, but I will tell you that I could not hear his first answers. We had an audio problem on my end.

When the show started, I asked the first question of the governor and when he began to answer, I learned for the first time that I could not hear him. Needless to say, I almost fell over at that realization. This was not a problem I was looking for to put it politely. I pointed to my ear so that my producers in New York who can see me at all times would know I had a problem hearing. Then I watched the governor talk. When he stopped moving his lips, I asked a second question. I continued to point at my ear. Finally, in the middle of his second answer, the audio was fixed and I could hear him. By the time I asked him the 3rd question, I could not remember what I had first asked and, of course, I did not hear his answers.

I felt like I limped through the interview. I was just glad to get through the interview and to the next guest. My thought: the governor was a good sport and yes, I survived.


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