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A new audiotape allegedly from terror mastermind Usama bin Laden (search) has been received and aired by the Arab satellite network Al Jazeera. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (search) says it appears to be the voice of Bin Laden on the tape.

The tape was aired by the Al Jazeera Arab satellite network yesterday. On it, the speaker refers to recent events including the December 13th capture of Saddam Hussein, and to peace initiatives between Israel and the Palestinians.

The speaker also urges Muslims to "continue the jihad" to fight what he calls the "conspiracies that are hatched against the Islamic nation." The voice on the tape also urged Muslims to "liberate the Islamic world from the military occupation of the Crusaders."

Could this audiotape be a secret call to arms for members of Al Qaeda (search)? And what is the role of Al Jazeera in receiving and airing the tape?

We'll have the latest on the tape in a live report from Washington this evening and we'll get analysis of the tape's message from a terror expert.

Then, is Pakistan (search) "the intellectual and trading hub of a loose network of hidden nuclear proliferators" as The New York Times alleged in an article published last weekend? Do the trails of rogue nations seeking to become nuclear powers all lead to Pakistan? We'll have a complete report.

Plus, can any Democrat stop Dean? We'll ask USA Today political columnist and author Walter Shapiro to give us the inside scoop from Iowa.

And later, is Scott Peterson's defense team, especially his lead attorney, Mark Geragos, responsible for the intense media interest that has kept the trial in the news for months? Those are the charges being made against the defense team by prosecutors in the case. Could they have a point? We'll ask our panel of legal experts to weigh in.

Tonight's distinguished guests include:

• KFI Radio's Laura Ingle

• San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Jim Hammer

• Criminal Defense Attorney and former prosecutor Bernie Grimm

• Criminal Defense Attorney and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams

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