Top 10 Movies of 2003

The Top 10 movies of the year, according to Fox News' entertainment guy Bill McCuddy:

10. "Finding Nemo": The good and bad news is this is the funniest Albert Brooks movie in years. Ellen DeGeneres almost steals the film, but the rest of the cast is so terrific she doesn't get away with it. My daughter is right, I can watch this thing over and over too.

9. "In America": Jim Sheridan's personal story of coming to this country from Ireland reminds everyone why we live here. The kids are cute, smart and funny too.

8. "Love Actually: This film turned off some because they thought it was too maudlin, and I admit I am a sucker for holiday fare. But isn't that the point? Great comic timing comes not just in performances but when you see them. I was smiling all the way through.

7. "Pirates of the Caribbean": This proves Johnny Depp is one of the most versatile actors working today. A huge surprise, considering pirate movies usually walk the plank at the box office. Very funny, and finally a post-"Shine" performance out of Geoffrey Rush that doesn't embarrass.

6. "Seabiscuit": I can't believe how commercial some of my selections are this year, and the 'biscuit is no exception. Some say there are too many stories going on here. I only saw one --about a horse. There's a lot riding on this come Oscar time, and while I used to think it would be somewhere in the money, now I think it's a longshot. Doesn't matter -- it's a winner.

5. "Lost in Translation": The best thing Bill Murray has ever done, and that's not faint praise. Every crack on his face is effortlessly tossing off lines. I felt as out of place in Japan as the lead characters. The jokes aren't in your face, they're from 10 feet away, like a Gary Larsen cartoon. Director Sofia Coppola has now easily made up for "Godfather III."

4. "City of God": The best foreign film this year put me right in the middle of Rio's gang warfare. The fact that the story of one kid with a camera struggling to get out was true made it even more compelling.

3. "28 Days Later": The creepiest film of the post-SARS, post-terrorism year is like a great "Twilight Zone" meets "Dawn of the Dead." Forget the alternate endings, they got it right the first time.

2. "Kill Bill": I would make this number one, except Bill (O'Reilly) would kill me. Critics are making way too much of the movie and not enough of audiences. Have you read about anyone walking into a night club and hacking 150 people to death? This is "Itchy and Scratchy The Movie," and everyone is laughing with it. P.S. I saw it four times and will go again with anyone who hasn't seen it.

1. "21 Grams": Not a single false frame. This is the movie Sean Penn should win the Oscar for, not "Mystic River," which moved at the pace of a 73-year-old man. He is only out-acted by Naomi Watts, who has two incredible Oscar moments. Sadly, she will lose to Diane Keaton for a comedy. But this heavyweight movie with a lightweight title is the best of the year, hands down.