Topics and Guests, Dec. 24,25

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Wednesday, December 24:

Wendell Goler reports: Air France cancels six flights between Paris and Los Angeles scheduled for today and tomorrow for security reasons. Will holiday travelers change plans due to the high terror alert?

Molly Henneberg reports: The discovery of Mad Cow disease (search) in a single cow in Washington state has already shook up the beef industry and related businesses like fast food chains. We'll have the fallout.

Major Garrett reports: U.S. aircraft and artillery continue Operation Iron Grip (search) in southwest Baghdad, pounding suspected terrorist hideouts. We'll have the details.

Greg Palkot reports: So we know the travelers are lining up at all the major airports here at home ... but what about the airport in Baghdad?

Thursday, December 25:

What is the real story in Iraq? From before the war to today -- How has the liberated country changed? We go behind the scenes and compare the Saddam-ruled Iraq of yesterday to what is going on today with the peacekeeping and recounstruction missions ... Don't miss this very Special Report we have prepared for you!

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