Topics and Guests, Dec. 23

Today on Special Report...

Wendell Goler reports: Airports beef up security after reports surface that Al Qaeda could be planning more attacks on the U.S. with commercial jets. What is being done to secure the sky during this holiday season?

GUEST PREVIEW: Is the Middle East Roadmap to Peace (search) destroyed beyond repair? Former special Middle East coordinator Dennis Ross joins us.

Brian Wilson reports: The final revision of 3rd quarter economic numbers is out -- Does it confirm earlier reports that the economy is surging forward? And what are analysts predicting will happen next?

Major Garrett reports: Saddam is in captivity -- Meanwhile U.S. soldiers continue to make arrests in Iraq. Are they close to stomping out the terror core? We'll have a full report.

Carl Cameron reports: Democratic hopefuls are breaking records with the money they are spending on political advertisements -- How are the messages coming across? We'll have the details.

Steve Brown reports: Who else -- besides the Democratic contenders -- plans to challenge President Bush in 2004? Find out tonight.

Greg Palkot reports: With Saddam Hussein 'gone for good' -- might a wave of ethnic violence sweep through Iraq?

Orlando Salinas reports: A judge has decided whether or not to allow prosecutors to examine Rush Limbaugh's medical records in order to determine if the talk-radio host obtained drugs under false pretenses. We'll have the fallout.

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