Nemo; Trae Lindley; Winona Ryder

Naming Nemo, kissing Paris Hilton and dissing Winona Ryder in today's Foxlight.

Finding Nemo (search) may be a big hit around the world and the No. 1 movie of the year, but if you're in Germany, don't name your kid after him. Something called the Berlin Institute for Registration of Births, Marriage and Death (search) have deemed the name illegal because it's not gender specific. Tell that to the little guy in the movie. German names have to be obviously masculine or feminine or they aren't recognized.

That guy who kissed Paris Hilton (search) back in Arkansas told the Foxlight she's "just OK" in the necking department. Trae Lindley (search) enjoyed several of his 15 minutes of fame on Fox News the other day. And the steady girlfriend he was going with before Paris hit town? They aren't back together, but he says they are friends. And yes, Paris still calls him. Her promises of making him a male model are less interesting to the straight-A student, however.

Finally, Winona Ryder (search) is mad at her lawyer. The one that didn't get her off those shoplifting charges. Turns out he didn't invite her to his Christmas party. Maybe he was worried the staplers and good scissors would go missing. Here's the punchline -- the lawyer was Mark Geragos (search), and he did invite Michael Jackson. Alleged pedophiles -- check. Convicted shoplifters -- no.