Guests and Topics: December 22

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Tonight on Hannity & Colmes:

• The nation's terror alert jumps to high status or 'Code Orange' -- What does this mean for Americans during the holiday season? We'll tell you what you need to know.

The move to a higher terror alert followed warnings that Usama bin Laden's (search) terrorist network Al Qaeda may be plotting attacks against the United States during the holidays. Where do intelligence officials get this information and just what does it all mean?

We'll get straight answers from former CIA Director James Woolsey.

• The capture of Saddam Hussein (search) -- Major victory in the war on terror? Will the organized resistance movement in Iraq disintegrate as a result? Or, might there be validity to claims that terrorists in the liberated country are not fighting for Saddam, but rather against the United States?

Former CIA officer Robert Baer joins the debate.

• Democratic presidential hopefuls are out in full force on the campaign trail. Will former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (search) hang on to his frontrunner status? And, which Democratic candidate, if any, has the best shot at beating President Bush in 2004?

Former N.Y. Rep. Rick Lazio and  FNC political analysts Geraldine Ferraro and Dick Morris deliberate.

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