Dean, Clark at Odds Over VP Offer

In a classic "he said-he said" on the campaign trail, Howard Dean (search) and Wesley Clark (search) are now at odds over whether the former Vermont governor asked the retired general to be his running mate in the 2004 presidential election.

Clark said Sunday that Dean did offer him the vice presidency, but has since stepped back from the assertion, saying that it was put out to him as a possibility before Clark decided to run for the Democratic nomination for president.

But Dean's camp has been arguing Clark's assertion since Clark first stated it. The campaign insists the offer was never made.

Though Dean would not say on Monday that Clark was lying, he emphatically denied that he ever offered anybody the vice presidency, and he continued that it was too "presumptuous" even to start considering a running mate before the first primary has passed.

"Truth" as the two candidates see it is frequently at odds with the truth other candidates know. But the flap, which has now taken up two days of political chatter, raises the obvious question for voters that if only one candidate can be telling the truth, which one is it?

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