The Path of Peace and Goodwill

Tony Snow is filling in for John Gibson as host of The Big Story.

Another warning today on the terror front: Officials fear that a bomber may want to blast some innocents here in New York.

The announcement hit the wires at about the same time Al Jazzeera (search) was playing a tape from Usama bin Laden's second-in-command Ayman al Zawahiri (search). He was warning that Al Qaeda (search) killers are targeting  Americans worldwide.

We're becoming accustomed to warnings of this sort — and a few New Yorkers today will cast a wary eye at strangers on subways, trains and planes.

But note one very important thing: We are walking in a land of the free, while al Zawahiri is distributing audio tapes recorded in some distant wasteland, presumably the moral equivalent of a Saddam Hussein (search) rathole.

This tells you everything you need to know about the war on terror. The killers slink and hide. They know they can't win through persuasion, and they certainly can't appeal to hopes, ambitions and lofty dreams. Even bin laden's financiers take pains to talk about what a creepy human being he is.

We have entered into our national week of peace and goodwill toward man. Even though our court system seems determined to muzzle the faith that long has fed our generosity of spirit, that spirit is thriving more now than ever before. Why?

Because we know in our hearts that the path of human progress leads not to graveyards, but to places where people practice kindness and joy. And that, ladies and gentlemen, even includes the crowded, busy and bustling streets of this grand and hectic city, New York.

That's My Word.

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