An association run by the son of Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi (searchsaid Saturday it removed 6,000 names from a government list of people banned from traveling.

The  Qaddafi International Association for Charitable Organizations (searchsaid those 6,000 people had not been convicted of a criminal offense.

The association said it was "surprised by the big number of people who had been banned from travel without carrying out the necessary investigation."

The association is run by Seif el-Islam al-Qaddafi (search), who often acts as a spokesman for his father. On Saturday, he was on television explaining Libya's decision to abolish its programs for weapons of mass destruction.

The association is seen as trying to soften Libya's image from an alleged rogue state accused of sponsoring terrorism to a country that is part of the international mainstream.

In October, association officials made surprise visits to prisons and listened to inmate complaints.