Officials Downplay Report of NYC Terror Threat

U.S. and other officials on Friday downplayed reports of a possible imminent homicide attack threat to New York City.

ABC News originally reported that U.S. intelligence had received information about a credible and imminent threat to the city, involving a possible female homicide bomber.

But U.S. law enforcement said there wasn't much to the report and said there were two separate threats picked up, neither of them corroborated.

The first piece of intelligence was a report about a possible homicide attack on New York City, which is being described to Fox News as "somewhat vague" and "uncorroborated." The second piece of information picked up concerned a female, possibly in reference to an attack, although the information is extremely sketchy. A source or media outlet at some point "married" these two pieces of information together, officials told Fox News, although they may not belong together at all.

Other sources told Fox News that they have not seen any new information -- credible or otherwise -- that would lead them to believe the city is in imminent danger of a terror attack. The New York City police also said they have no information about such a credible threat.

But Reuters reported that a "very concerned" U.S. intelligence official said a possible threat to the city was being reviewed.

The office of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (search) would not comment on the ABC News report. The city's Office of Emergency Management (search) said it was aware of the report, but would have no further comment.

New York has remained at an "orange" level of alert since the Department of Homeland Security (search) established its color-coded terror alert system. Orange indicates an "high" state of alert.

Fox News' Ian McCaleb, Yolanda Rhodes, Anna Stolley and The Associated Press contributed to this report.