Bremer Escaped Rebel Attack in Iraq

U.S. administrator L. Paul Bremer (search) escaped a rebel ambush on his convoy two weeks ago, authorities said Friday. An explosion, meanwhile, struck the office of a major Shiite party, killing an Iraqi woman.

The number of American soldiers killed by hostile fire since President Bush declared major combat over on May 1 reached 200 this week, the Pentagon reported Friday. In the latest violence, a roadside bomb exploded near a military truck outside Baghdad, wounding two U.S. soldiers.

Nobody was injured in the attack on Bremer's convoy on Dec. 6, the same day as a visit by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search), a spokesman said. "As you can see, it didn't succeed," Bremer told reporters Friday in Basra.

Coalition spokesman Dan Senor said there was no evidence of a planned assassination attempt on Bremer and that it was "premature" to suggest otherwise, since his trip was unscheduled and on a much-traveled and frequently attacked route.

"It was probably a random kind of attack," he told a news conference. "Attacks occur there all the time and he happened to drive through it."

Bremer was riding in an armored car near the Baghdad airport when a roadside bomb exploded and guerrillas attacked with small arms fire, but his convoy sped away, Senor, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition, said.

Bremer has not curtailed his schedule of touring Iraq since then, Senor said. The White House would not comment on why U.S. officials did not disclose earlier the attack on Bremer. Spokesman Scott McClellan (search) referred questions to the coalition in Baghdad.