Jessica Lange; P. Diddy; Kelsey Grammer

Jessica Lange's forehead, P. Diddy on Broadway and "Frasier" gets dissed in today's Foxlight.

All of Hollywood is wondering who's who in the new Peter Bart book "Dangerous Company: Dark Tales From Tinseltown." The Botoxed actress who can no longer show emotion in the "novel"? My vote would have to be for Jessica Lange (search). The movie "Big Fish" convinced me. Jessica, just age gracefully. You can carry it off.

P. Diddy (search) is coming to Broadway in a role that made Sidney Poitier famous? Sounds like an Ashton Kutcher punk, but it's for real. Combs is combing through the pages of "Raisin in ihe Sun" for a revival. A gangsta version? Hey, he was fine in "Monster's Ball" and "Made," but carrying a legit show six days a week with two matinees? That's a real marathon.

Finally, is there anything sadder than an actor who gets up at 3 in the morning and shows up to read Golden Globe nominees and doesn't get nominated? In the words of Homer Simpson, "d'oh!" That's what happened Thursday to Kelsey Grammer (search). Nada. For him or the show. It's called "Frasier," in case you've forgotten.