War Stories From the Courthouse

Dear Viewers,

Great news!!! All of us managed to "convince" Northwest Airlines to join the Hero Miles program. The airline says it will only join for 3 months but I am confidant that if we - you and I - decide in 3 months that Northwest needs to re-up, we can persuade the airline. Collectively, we seem to have lots of influence. And, as of today, my 85,000 miles on MidWest Airline is donated (it took a few days for the airline to work out the kinks and get into the program.)

I promised behind the scenes info so here is some: today Ted and Bernie took me out to lunch at a fancy Washington, DC restaurant. I usually eat at my desk out of a paper bag (or on "special occasions," I order Chinese and eat from a carton) -- so this was a treat for me. We "talked shop" -- no, not television, but the local "courthouse." Another way to say it is, we gossiped! We talked about all the many judges and lawyers who work there. There are some "great stories" -- things you would never believe could be true. I practiced law in the local courthouse for about 15 years and I have been out of there for about 10 years, so I was delighted to catch up. And, yes, the gossip was as you might expect: some funny, some raw, some good, and some not so good.

We also told "war stories" from the courthouse. My "favorite" was one of Bernie's stories. He told of going to see a client in the cell block behind the courtroom. As he walked in, his client, behind bars in the holding cell, asked him to get closer, closer and closer. When he finally got up real close, his client spit on him. The judge relieved Bernie of representing the client and another Public Defender was appointed by the judge. The client - and this is true - punched the new lawyer in the head and knocked him out cold. The client was then sent for a mental screening. Such is the life of the Public Defender...


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