Guests and Topics: December 16

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Tonight on Hannity & Colmes:

• Apparently when Saddam Hussein (search) went into hiding underground he did not bring a paper shredder with him -- The U.S. military found a treasure trove of documents with the deposed dictator when he was captured. Could these secret papers help troops track down other terrorists?

It's Tuesday, so Bill Bennett of Empower America weighs in. Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell also joins the discussion.

• The video footage of Saddam in U.S. custody were played over and over on televisions around the world. The complacent dictator in the videotape does not resemble the defiant Saddam who insisted he would fight until the end.

Will this tape prove to Iraqis they are free from the rule of a tyrant? Or, might it backfire and actually enrage the Islamic world?

Former U.S. Army Lt. Stanley Weintraub, who was the admissions officer of the United Nations' prisoner of war hospital in Korea during the Korean war, offers historical insight.

• Could the interrogation uncover the truth or whereabouts of long-missing Navy pilot Michael Scott Speicher (search)? Speicher was shot down during the 1991 Persian Gulf War and is still missing. We'll talk to the family's Attorney Cindy Laquidara.

Kobe Bryant's (search) defense team has filed new court motions in his sexual assault case. Is Kobe's accuser a troubled, attention-seeking young woman? Will a judge throw out much of the evidence against the basketball superstar?

We'll get legal analysis from FNC legal analyst Peter Johnson and criminal defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt.

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