Topics and Guests for Dec. 15

Eight months after the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom (search), U.S. forces take Saddam Hussein (search) into custody.

Could we see a terror attack here as a result of the former dictator’s nabbing over there?

Bo Dietl says yes. He's chairman of Bo Dietl and Associates and a former detective with the NYPD.

But Bill Daly says U.S. targets overseas are more at risk right now. He's a former FBI investigator who now heads up the U.S. operation for Control Risks Group.

And... what do interrogators hope to learn from Saddam? What tactics will they use to get him to talk?

We'll ask Joe Reeder, former undersecretary of the Army, and retired Marine Col. Ed Badolato.

Plus -- As Iraqis and coalition leaders celebrate Saddam's capture, how are the markets reacting? Is this good news for the economy?

We'll talk to a number of experts, including Phil Flynn, vice president of Alaron Trading; Joe Battipaglia, chief investment officer at Ryan, Beck & Co.; Sarat Sethi, principal at Douglas C. Lane and Associates; Muriel Siebert of Siebert Financial Corp.; and Bob Dilenschneider of the Dilenschneider Group.

All of that and more... today on Your World.

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