Israel (searchis looking into whether Saddam Hussein (searchcommitted war crimes when he fired Scud (search) missiles at Israeli population centers in 1991, and whether it should seek compensation, an Israeli official said Tuesday.

Israeli legal experts discussed possible action at a meeting following Saddam's weekend capture.

Saddam fired 39 Scud missiles at Israel in the 1991 Gulf war, causing damage but few casualties.

Alan Baker, the Foreign Ministry's legal adviser, said Saddam's Scud barrages apparently violated international law, because during a war, parties are forbidden from firing missiles at civilian targets and population centers.

"This is what he did. He targeted population centers," said Baker, who discussed the topic at a meeting with Justice Minister Tommy Lapid.

"We'll be in contact with the United States, with the State Department, with the Justice Department and once things develop we will decide how were going to act," Baker said.