Topics and Guests for Dec. 10

The Dow (search) kisses 10,000: Is this the turnaround investors have been waiting for?

We’ll take the market’s temperature with Jonas Max Ferris, founder of, and Greg Kuhn, general partner of Thoroughbred Partners.

In a Fox News exclusive, we’ll discuss Iraq's interim government decision to establish a special court to try members of Saddam Hussein's government, with Amb. Pierre Prosper, head of the State Department’s War Crimes Bureau.

We’ll talk earnings and expectations with Robert Toll, chairman and CEO of the homebuilder Toll Brothers.

Plus, don’t look now, but PCs have been flying off the shelves as retailers look to update old equipment. Is this another sign of a recovering economy? We’ll ask Michael Kanellos, senior editor at C-Net.

And, Lingerie Bowl 2004: the half time show everyone is talking about and maybe its sponsor is now worried about? Is Dodge getting nervous? We’ll ask the panty party’s creator Mitch Mortaza.

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