The Foxlight: Holiday Shopping for the Stars

If you're making a list with Paris Hilton (search) on it and checking it twice, maybe the best gift for her this holiday season is a tape bulk eraser. She's just one of the celebs we're shopping for today in the Foxlight.

One bonus -- if Paris comes to your holiday party, you probably don't need mistletoe.

The Farrelly brothers would probably like a better movie than "Stuck On You." (search) Were they a flash in the comedy pan? They need to ask Santa for a magic word processor. If you ever hear they have "There's Something About Mary 2," you'll know they're bankrupt.

On the other hand, you couldn't give Billy Bob Thornton a better present than the film "Bad Santa." (search) This thing could become a dark Christmas classic. A perennial like "A Christmas Story" but only for cable. Without the "f" word this film would run about six minutes.

Nicole Kidman (search) needs a book on picking better men. Dr. Phil? Call her.

Finally, Michael Jackson (search) is giving out something nice for all the children who've visited Neverland -- muzzles. What he needs for the holidays is a better mug shot.