Left on the Cutting-Room Floor

Not only small-fry get their scenes dumped from movies.

The great Christopher Lee (search) was a real coup for director Peter Jackson. So he's all over the last installment of the "Rings" trilogy, right? Nope. Reports have him cut out of the film completely. But isn't he in the trailer? He's supposedly so mad he's boycotting all the premieres. At least Liv Tyler (search) had a line in the first one -- she has two or three in this one. But all this got the Foxlight wondering -- who else has been left on the cutting-room floor?

Speaking of Liv, Woody Allen clipped her from "Everyone Says I Love You."

The most famous is Kevin Costner (search) from "The Big Chill." He's the corpse, and was supposed to be in flashbacks that were cut out. Maybe he wishes he'd been cut out of his western flop, "Open Range."

Helen Hunt (search) was allegedly a truck driver in 2001's "One Night at McCool's." She was dumped in the edit. That was probably a good thing, points out The New York Post.

Andy Garcia (search) was Michelle Pfeiffer's lover in the movie "Dangerous Minds." Sorry Andy.

Even big-shot Harrison Ford (search) was supposed to be in "E.T." He was Elliott's teacher. But unless he also tutored him off camera, he didn't teach anything except that even big names can come under the knife.