New DVDs: 'Bad Boys II,' 'The Battle of Shaker Heights,' 'Gigli'

"Bad Boys II" good for a Blockbuster night, "The Battle of Shaker Heights" is mediocre and giggle at J-Lo in "Gigli" in today's Foxlight.

Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do? Throw a lot of money but no plot at you. That's basically the idea behind reuniting Martin Lawrence and Will Smith in "Bad Boys II." (search) New on DVD this week -- stuff blowing up is never as cool on the little screen. And these two go everywhere -- including Cuba -- to make things go boom. Instead the whole movie just kind of implodes. But it is fun to see these guys back together, so it's worth a rental.

Next, if you made a movie as lackluster as "The Battle of Shaker Heights," (search) when would you release it? The one week when no one could say it's the worst movie of the week -- the same day they release "Gigli." Let's start with "Shaker Heights." A nice performance from the lead doesn't save this thing from complete mediocrity. It's time to stop cutting these Greenlight movies a break just because they're from first-timers -- so was "In the Bedroom" and it was made on roughly the same shoestring budget.

Finally, yes, "Gigli" (search) is here. Consider this fair warning. And only rent it if you really just want a good laugh. Fast-forward through everything else for the gobble gobble scene and then take a shower. You will feel unclean.