Topics and Guests, Dec. 5

Today on Special Report...

Bret Baier reports: The top U.S. administrator in Iraq predicts attacks against U.S.-led coalition forces in Iraq are likely to escalate as Saddam-loyalists (search) desperately react to the sweeping reconstruction movement. Other officials said Iraq's U.S.-appointed government will establish a war crimes tribunal that could try Saddam Hussein and his top aides.

GUEST PREVIEW: Former war crimes Ambassador David Scheffer assesses the developing situation in Iraq.

Major Garrett reports: President Bush (search) cheers the latest drop in the jobless rate. We'll have the details.

Carl Cameron reports: Nine Democratic hopefuls descend on the Sunshine State. We'll have the details.

Steve Centanni reports: A special report on what things are like on the front lines in Iraq.

Molly Henneberg reports: Identity theft is no longer just a problem for the American people; it is also a problem for the president. Get the whole story.

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