Losing a Loved One

Hello all!

I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile. I lost my father to pancreatic cancer last week, which is why I was not hosting DaySide.

He was a good man, a veteran of the Korean War, and a devoted dad. I'm learning that losing a parent is just plain tough. No one gets off easy; it's heartbreaking. I'd like to thank my wonderful colleagues here at Fox for their outpouring of concern, friendship and moral support -- yet another reason why this is the best network in America.

And I'd like to thank members of the Ohio National Guard, who stood out the freezing rain to give my father a respectful military burial. Their hands must have been frozen -- but they nonetheless gave Dad a 21-gun salute, played a beautiful rendition of Taps and carefully folded the American flag draped on the casket for my Mom.

I never got the Guard members' names -- but I thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving a dedicated old soldier a lovely sendoff.