'The Last Samurai,' 'Honey' and 'Something's Gotta Give'

Tom Cruise plays with swords, the latest flick about a wannabe dancer and Diane Keaton steals Jack Nicholson's heart in today's Foxlight. 

Rex Reed calls it "Braveheart in kimonos." Elle magazine calls it a "powerfully moving epic." But some say you can't get the Cruise out of a Tom Cruise movie, and that "The Last Samurai" (search) has a lot of the patented Cruise-control acting ticks, yells and of course, that smile. That's fine, because the story of a 'sushi out of water' warrior forced to live and then love his captors is magnificently shot. So what if The New York Post thinks the end is ludicrous. Everything looks great, and in Hollywood, that's what it's all about. Box office looks good too -- boxofficeguru.com says $32 million this weekend.

Next, ready for a hip-hop "Flashdance?" Not the Jennifer Lopez video that ripped off Jennifer Beals -- this is "Dark Angel" star Jessica Alba in "Honey." (search) It's the inner-city dancer trying to breakdance into the big time. OK, nobody breakdances, so whatever the kids are calling it, she wants in. USA Today's Mike Clark says Alba is "bubblier than a New Year's Eve party on a cruise ship." Guru says the studio hopes this sashays more like "Save The Last Dance" than "Glitter." He thinks it makes around $9 million.

Finally, it's not officially opened but you can sneak into a sneak preview of "Something's Gotta Give." (search) Men everywhere will fall in love with Diane Keaton again. This is her best work since "Annie Hall." And Jack is, well, he's Jack. Even Keanu Reeves seems to be acting and it seems to be working. And Amanda Peet should have a sign around her neck that says "Next stop, Minxville."