Babes Against Bush

This is a partial transcript from Hannity & Colmes, December 4, 2003, that has been edited for clarity.

SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: The Bush bashing left, they found a new way to drum up support to oust our commander-in-chief. A group of women from Michigan have put together a calendar called Babes Against Bush (search), featuring scantly clad women who oppose President Bush.

Are these the new faces of the Democratic Party?

Joining us now is one of the women featured in the calendar, Jessica Domain, and the calendar's promoter, David Livingstone.

Jessica, how are you?


HANNITY: So you loathe the president?

DOMAIN: No, I don't. And actually, I'm not in the calendar. I'm actually one of the organizers behind the calendar. We've got 12 beautiful ladies in the calendar.

HANNITY: All right. But it says "Babes Against Bush. How do we loathe him? Let us count the ways." And then you have 99 ways. So you hate Bush or you don't hate Bush?

DOMAIN: No, I don't hate the president, no. I just dislike the administration and the choices that they've been making.

HANNITY: Why do you have it on your Website then?

DOMAIN: Do you have the 99 ways with you?

HANNITY: Yes, I have them right in front of me. And also, you say that he's an election hijacking, economy wrecking, warmongering chimp and a bozo president. Is that the kind of language you want to be associated with?


HANNITY: It is? Now, you also say in this -- David, you say in this thing, for $11 plus $1.95 for shipping, you too can experience the thrill of 13 socially conscious, stunningly attractive young women escorting you through the weeks and months until inauguration day in 2005.

Well, I had one of them on my radio show today, a girl by the name of Melanie, and the socially conscious Melanie...

LIVINGSTONE: You did your best to trash her.

HANNITY: ... didn't know -- didn't know who the vice president of the United States was when I asked her.

DOMAIN: Not true at all.

LIVINGSTONE: You're a liar.

HANNITY: She did not know. I have the tape.

LIVINGSTONE: You're a liar.

HANNITY: I'll play it for you.

LIVINGSTONE: You're a liar.

HANNITY: I have the tape. She didn't have a clue who it was. Not a clue.

LIVINGSTONE: You're on drugs.

HANNITY: I'm on drugs?

LIVINGSTONE: Stop smoking crack.

HANNITY: I'm smoking crack? I can see you really worked hard at building up your ability to debate. You're doing really well.

LIVINGSTONE: I do do it very well. You unfortunately don't even ask the right questions. You make unfounded assertions and cast aspersions on people's character.

HANNITY: I'm not. I'm not. I have the tape. I told you that.

LIVINGSTON: She is politically active and she does know what she's talking about.

HANNITY: She didn't have a clue who the vice president was.

LIVINGSTONE: You ambushed her, man, and you know it. That's what you do. You take cheap shots, and that's what you do best.

HANNITY: That wasn't a tough question -- that wasn't a tough question for a socially politically conscious babe.

LIVINGSTONE: That was -- Let's hear you answer a question.

HANNITY: You get your own show, invite me on any day.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: This is Alan, David and Jessica.

HANNITY: Your socially conscious babe.

COLMES: It's Alan. Look, I question -- I agree with you on some of the issues here. I mean, you have a list of 99 things. War -- you say stupid war in Iraq, I wouldn't particularly argue it that way. Eighty- seven billion dollars, we could, you know...

LIVINGSTONE: Divide that up by how many people in America, and you see how much it costs each of us.

COLMES: But then you take -- where is Usama, I think is valid.

But you know, when you take -- you know, do you think it's cheap shots when you say brother of Jeb. Or when you say, you know, minor offenses to federal crimes, you know, the guys who are fighting terrorism. Massive unemployment, that's turned around.

I think we have to be intellectually honest here. If we're going to criticize the president, and I've been one of his -- I've been criticizing him continually. But I think we have to criticize him accurately if we are really going to fight this war, I mean, the war for the presidency coming up.

David, don't you agree?

LIVINGSTONE: Well, I would tend to agree. However, it has been the history of the right in this country to go on the attack and to behave like basically rabid dogs in recent years. And the left has tended to roll over and play dead and be polite.

I think being overly polite has cost us a lot. We've lost a lot of jobs. People in this country don't have healthcare. Medicare (search) reform just got rammed through, that isn't reform at all. And I don't see things improving.

COLMES: I think those are very valid points on the issues.

And Jessica, I think I would agree with David on all those issues, and I'm sure you and I would agree politically.

The question is what tactics do we use? If we want to reclaim the presidency, is the idea of hating Bush or being mean-spirited -- I know many liberals are mad at me because they don't think I'm mean-spirited enough. I question whether we can win an election by promoting a mean- spirited attitude toward the president.

DOMAIN: Well, let me just tell you, this isn't really mean-spirited. If you guys take a look at the calendar, it's really -- it's just a lot of fun. It's not anything that is directly attacking -- if you just look at the calendar, it's not directly attacking him. It's people having a good time and really what we're doing is getting people to talk about this.

COLMES: When you say how do we loathe him, let us count the ways? You're talking about Bush hating. You're not dealing with issues when you do that.

DOMAIN: Now you're quoting from the Website, right? I'm just talking about the calendar itself. I'm talking about the calendar itself. The calendar itself, with the 12 girls on the calendar, actually there are 13 months, they are, you know...

HANNITY: We -- David, you can tell socially conscious Melanie, the vice president's name is Dick Cheney (search).

LIVINGSTONE: And I can tell you that if you were a bit more literate, you'd know that "how do we loathe him, let us count the ways," is actually a takeoff on a very famous poem, "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways."

HANNITY: Thank you, David. Thank you, Jessica.

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