Gary Coleman, Al Sharpton and Mick Jagger

Gary Coleman would rather ring cash registers, Al Sharpton tries to be funny and Sir Mick Jagger in today's Foxlight.

Whathetalkinbout? Gary Coleman (search) says if he had his life to live over again he "wouldn't be an actor." Instead, he says he would have been more content living in his hometown of Zion, Ill., and "working at K-mart or Wendy's." The former child actor says that would be "a more realistic, more honest and more decent way to live."

Coleman says at least when you work at a real job, you "know where you stand" -- and know just who you need to kiss up to, unlike the way things are in show business.

Speaking of odd candidates, the Reverend/presidential candidate Al Sharpton (search) says only God and Lorne Michaels know how he's going to do as the host of "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. Sharpton says most Saturday nights he's preparing a sermon for Sunday morning. Not this Saturday. More and more candidates are showing up on SNL. But is he funny?

Finally, remember a few days back when the Foxlight was ranting about Mick Jagger (search) being knighted? Keith Richards agrees. He says he told Jagger it was a "paltry honor," and Jagger told him Prime Minister Tony Blair insisted he accept knighthood. Richards says that's no excuse -- "like you can't turn down anything." Giving Richards his own knighthood wouldn't shut him up, either. He says, "They knew I'd tell them where they could put it." Jagger gets knighted December 12. To Sir without love?