Guests and Topics: December 2

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Tonight on Hannity & Colmes:

• The search continues for 22-year-old college student Dru Sjodin (search) — Her brother Sven Sjodin joins us to ask for your help.

• A group of liberal Hollywood actors and political activists will meet tonight at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California -- And not to review the latest blockbusters.

What will be the agenda for this meeting and how much influence can this group have on the upcoming presidential election? Democratic strategist Bob Beckel and National Review editor Rich Lowry join the debate.

And it is Tuesday so Bill Bennett weighs in.

• Police videotape shows a 350-pound man lunged at officers as they repeatedly struck him with metal nightsticks shortly before the man died. Black activists say the death Sunday of Nathaniel Jones (search), 41, was another example of police doing little or nothing to stop deaths of black men in encounters with police in recent years -- and they are calling for police Chief Thomas Streicher (search ) Jr. to resign.

What story does the videotape tell? Did the man's violent resistance lead to his death or are the police to blame?

We'll talk to Nate Livingston, the co-chair of Coalition for a Just Cincinnati.        

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