The Foxlight: Celine Dion; Elvis the Musical; Letterman

Celine Dion in the driver's seat, Elvis on Broadway and Leno still beating Letterman in today's Foxlight.

When people have had too much to drink, they want Celine Dion (search) to drive them home? A poll sponsored by Anheuser-Busch finds that Dion is the number-one fantasy designated driver. Maybe they think she'd actually look good to them after a few too many drinks. Or with enough liquor in them they'd have the courage to ask for tickets to her Vegas show.

Even if we all say "No thank you, no thank you very much," there's an Elvis (search) musical coming to Broadway. The Presley estate saw all the cha-ching coming from shows like the ABBA musical "Mama Mia." But get a load of this hunka-hunka burning plot. It's the mid-1950s, and a hunky guy in black leather comes to a small town with a magic jukebox that plays Elvis tunes. Oh that sounds like a hit. And get this -- the guy in black leather isn't supposed to be the King -- just a guy in black leather. Uh-oh.

Finally, remember how David Letterman (search) complained to the press that one reason he wasn't number one in late night was because the CBS primetime schedule was so lame? Well, now that CBS is number one, are audiences staying around to sample Dave? Nope. Leno still inexplicably rules the after-hours roost.