A week after President Bush's stealth flight into Baghdad, the heavy thinkers are weighing in on the trip... harrumphing and harrumphing like a herd of bull elephants.

Mainly, they don't approve. Take Fareed Zakaria (search) in Newsweek. He says Bush dissed our coalition partners because he didn't arrange for visits with soldiers from other nations who are fighting and dying in Iraq, same as Americans.

Zakaria whines about Bush's security arrCritics Harrumph President Bush's Baghdad Tripangements while traveling... the people can't see him.

Hey, Fareed! People over there want to take a shot at him. Is that what you want?

By the way, did you notice that the seven Spanish intelligence agents killed in Baghdad were ratted out by an Iraqi they had working in their office... a local gave their travel plans to assassins.

And Fareed... you want President Bush to trust his life and the lives of all the people around him to allies who trust the locals?

Zakaria also compares Bush's trip to Australia with the visit of Chinese President Hu (search), who mixed with crowds of people... why can't Bush do the same, Zakaria whined?

Fareed... don't play dumb. You know people everywhere around the world are engaged in the most vicious and mindless America-hating right now. Why would you want to expose the president of the United States to crowds who hate him, and hate America so much they wouldn't think twice about blowing up him, or you, or me?

Why would you recommend that?

P.S. Zakaria released a book last summer that made the curious argument that democracy isn't always a good thing. In fact, in the cases of several countries, he argued it would be a bad thing.

So with all that in mind, remind me... why do we listen to this guy?

That's My Word.

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